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Graduates who have relevant work experience tend to be more valued by employers, and this makes internships an attractive prospect. An internship should give you practical skills, workplace experience and greater knowledge of that industry, where you tend to work after graduation. Primacy offers internship training to all eligible students from various institutions of learning to strengthen the existing knowledge with both IT skills & Non-IT related skills through our partners. It will help the participants not only on their professional front but also in their day-to-day lives.


As an intern at Primacy, you will have the opportunity to work on challenging projects, collaborate with other team members, and contribute to meaningful initiatives that drive business growth. Our interns receive mentorship and guidance from their supervisors and are provided with regular feedback to help them develop their skills and grow their careers.

We are proud to announce that our company is registered with the Directorate of Industrial Training (DIT).DIT is a government agency responsible for promoting and regulating vocational and industrial training in the country. Being registered with DIT means that we meet the agency’s standards for training and development, and have demonstrated our commitment to providing a safe and supportive learning environment.APPLY NOW



Gain practical experience in your chosen field.
Develop new skills and refine existing ones.
Build a network of contacts in your field.
Develop professionalism and work ethic.
Boost your resume with real-world experience and skills.
Improve communication, teamwork, and collaboration skills.
Take the first step towards success

Apply Now and unlock endless opportunities!

We look forward to receiving your application and having you join our team as an intern at Primacy.

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